Sea Connects People

The history of underwater activities, with special emphasis on the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the Kingdom of Italy, the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia and the modern Slovenia.

It has always been fascinating to discover what is under the water, in the unknown world of the abyss, monsters and sunken treasure. In the Museum of Underwater Activities – Piran, one has the chance to see images of diving from its beginnings up to modern times. You will see diving conducted with and without diving suits, wrecks in the sea, rescues, submarines, sports, etc. Displayed are divers helmets, pumps, equipment, underwater arms, submarine models, uniforms and personal objects that manifest our rich history of underwater activities. All the displayed objects will show you the underwater life of our ancestors, full of dangers and difficulties, and from more recent times, diving for fun.

One section is dedicated to the well-known Slovenian divers from the ethnic Slovenian coast between Trieste and the Timavo River, which is now in Italy.

A visit to the museum is recommended to pupils, students and amateurs interested in maritime history.